Corinthia is very thankful for the gift that God has given her. She wants to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song. 

So how do we get the funds we use? Corinthia has invested in herself. But she do need a little help to finish these goals - through the financial support of people like you. Would you help us further our efforts to complete this album, with a donation of $50 or more? With this donation, you will finance specific goals to finish the project.


  • This year marks an incredible moment for me, personally and as an artist.
    Together with my team and producers, we have reached a milestone. I have written, recorded, and am now releasing my first album “Faith Healer.” So, I’m asking for your support. Yes, I’m asking for monetary support from those who are able. Believe me, I know how tough it is in this economy [see: this campaign to raise money], so I know that everyone isn’t in a position to give monetarily. But, I hope that you’ll link up with me and continue to support me in other ways. I cannot overstate the value of sharing the songs with your friends, spreading the word, or coming to a show. All these things give us the juice to keep going.

    Our specific goals are:
    1. Marketing the album – We want to get the word out that there’s a new awesome artist with a brand new album that you might like. This involves traveling for radio interviews, printing posters and t-shirts, and a ton of other really exciting (but necessary) things. I don’t have a label backing this project, so you’re it!
    2. Traveling – We want to take this music on the road; I want to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through song. I will need travel expenses to go to different showcases and events throughout the United States and hopefully international.
    3. Finishing the album - I need to make sure everything is done and taking care to finish the complete album of Faith Healer. Our goal is to have it completed and sent out by the end of June 2015.

    As a small token of my appreciation and support, I’d like to offer everyone who contributes participation awards including posters, T-shirts, exclusive downloads, early access to songs, and a few other fun things. THANK YOU for being a part of my team. I say it all the time, but without you, I’m just singing by myself in my prayer closet.

    Thank you for considering, thanks for supporting the arts, and thanks in advance for your support of Corinthia Riggs!